God is woman? FEMEN Kidnaps Baby Jesus at Vatican !

God is woman God is woman God of the Cross

News: Christmas day Dec 25, 2014 – Vatican City:

With the words "God Is Woman" in bold black letters across her naked chest FEMEN Iana Zhdanova snatched the baby Jesus figurine from the Vatican nativity scene, and raised it above her head shouting "God is woman, God is woman, God Is woman" continuously, even after being grabbed by a cape-wearing Vatican security guard.

Nativity images are from RT Ruptly TV. See Video.

The FEMEN slogan "God Is Woman" is a protest against religions that believe in a male-only patriarchal God, and in this case the religion of Christianity. The FEMEN organization describes itself as fighting patriarchy in its three manifestations – sexual exploitation of women, dictatorship and religion.

According to the Bible God really is woman (Daughter, Son, Mother, Father) introduced as a family in Heaven: God of the Cross

God created both male and female humans from His own image. Therefore God's image must be both male and female.
Genesis 1:27: And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Revelation of Genesis introduces Creation-based Bible Interpretation (CBBI) that reveals God of Creation is God of the Cross—a 4-way family in heaven.

What you should know is that the path to God does not begin with a motherless male-only trinity-god. The word Trinity is not written in any Bible.

What you MUST know is the path to God begins at the bottom of the cross with the first attribute of God—EVEning, the mother of all living humanity. Gen 3:20

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God of the 4-way cross

Could God be upset when humans deny His first commandment by sustituting a non-biblical word trinity for his identity?

Or deny the motherhood of the Holy Spirit of Light of her/their Son, Jesus?

Or deny the motherhood of EVEning, the mother of all living humans?

Or deny the validity of His numbers in the Bible?

Could the FEMEN protests be just a drop in the bucket of God's wrath?

God of the 4-way cross

In the beginning Creation the count for EVEning, Morning, Light and Day on the 7th day is numbered 7777 for God of the Cross.

In the ending Book of Revelation there is the same count 7777 for the wrath of God of the Cross.

Numbers don't lie because they can't, especially the God-breathed numbers in the Bible.