Jesus Taught Four Steps on the Cross for Eternal Life !

For thousands of years the Bible’s beginning in God’s Creation has remained a mystery….until this revelation of Genesis using Creation-based Bible Interpretation (CBBI).

God of the Cross

Divine introduction: The first six sentences of the bible introduce four divine attributes of God of the Cross—EVEning, Morning, and Day, where Day is both the Holy Spirit of Light and the Eternal Father together. EVEning is the mother of all living humans at the bottom of the cross. (Gen 3:20) This divine family in heaven (Daughter, Son, Mother, Father) is also known as the Tree of Life

Understand Jesus: Jesus taught Nicodemus four steps around the Cross of God are necessary. One must be born of the flesh, born of water, and born of the Spirit to enter the kingdom of God as the fourth step on the cross. (John 3:5-6) Jesus taught his disciples four steps on the Cross of God with his instructions to baptize all nations on the foot of the cross into the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Mat 28:19) Expansion of a Father-Son-Holy Spirit Trinity-god at the top of the cross to the complete four-attribute God of the Cross should make you comfortable on the foot of the cross, since Jesus taught that you must bear your OWN cross and follow him on the cross for eternal life.(Luke 14:27)

Believe Jesus: Although Jesus always said he who has ears better listen, he never said, “Do you see what I mean,” until he died stretched four ways nailed onto the cross of God to show the world who God of the Cross really is. Jesus’ four-step promise of eternal life on the tree-of-life cross is available to all who have found the true God of the Cross, who is revealed in this book: The Lausanne Covenant Hypocrisy. Otherwise you shall surely be left behind on That DAY.

Do not be left behind…....ACT NOW