The Lausanne Covenant Exposed as a Hoax !

In 1974 a committee of 2700 worldwide Christian leaders from over 150 countries met at Lausanne, Switzerland to define various areas of Christian unity in order to promote worldwide evangelism. The meeting concluded with this statement: "We enter into a solemn covenant with God." It is preposterous for men on earth to make a deal with God. It is not biblical for man on earth to initiate a covenant with God in heaven like this. "The Lausanne Covenant Hypocrisy" is a book that exposes the Lausanne Covenant and the Lausanne Movement to be a hoax.

God of the Cross

"The Lausanne Covenant Hypocrisy" has two sections. First Creation-based Bible Interpretation (CBBI) introduces a biblically-authoritive, but non-traditional method, of interpreting scripture. The next section uses CBBI to analyze all fifteen chapters of the Lausanne Covenant.

This book explains four things you MUST know:

1. God of the Cross. The main theme of the book is that the Lausanne Covenant's Trinity-god, defined in its first sentence as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is an incomplete tree of life with only three divine attributes.(Mat 28:19) Lacking is Eve, the mother of all living humanity.(Gen 3:20) Evening and eve are the same word in Hebrew. It is interpreted that evening and Eve are spiritually the same, and that God introduced Himself as evening, morning, and day six times in the Creation, where Day is both the Holy Spirit of Light and the Eternal Father together. In this way the cross is FOUR progressive attributes of the complete family in heaven—Daughter, Son, Mother and Father.(Eph 3:14-18)
The Creation, the numbers in the bible, the numbers of science and the scripture quoted in the 1974 Lausanne Covenant combine 200 times to validate this truth: God of the Cross is the only God of the Bible.

2. Salvation. A related theme is that there is no 4-step salvation without God of the Cross that Jesus explained to Nicodemus--One must be born in the flesh, water, and spirit to enter the kingdom of God.(John 3:5-6) The word "Trinity" is not written in any bible. God's first FOUR Commandments are for His FOUR attributes on the cross. The first commandment starts at the bottom of the cross for EVEning, the mother of all living humanity—Thou shalt have no other gods before me.(Ex 20:3)

3. Holy Spirit. Another theme is that the Holy Spirit is feminine, and is the heavenly mother of Jesus. One reason for this interpretation is that the Spirit in the Old Testament Hebrew is feminine, and the New Testament Spirit is the same feminine Spirit as the Old Testament Spirit. Another reason is that a Greek language idiosyncrasy cannot and does not define the Holy Spirit attribute of God. The feminine dove in the flood of Noah further establishes a feminine nature of the Holy Spirit who in each of FOUR gospels said, This is my beloved Son. Traditional Christianity denies the Most High Holy Spirit her motherhood of Jesus, and thereby blasphemies the Holy Spirit—an unforgivable sin according to Jesus.(Mat 12:31)

4. Gospels. Yet another theme is there is not just one gospel, a belief firmly held with traditional Christian teaching and verified in the Lausanne Covenant. The first gospel is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God preached to the Jews by the Son of Man—Jesus Christ. The second gospel is the Gospel of Grace preached to the Gentiles by the Apostle Paul, an apostle to the Son of God—Christ Jesus. These two are different gospels, works verses grace, for two different purposes, for two different time periods—before and after the resurrection. It is pointed out that whoever mixes these two gospels together receives Paul's double curse from heaven and earth.(Gal 1:6-9)

Another issue is that the Lausanne Covenant does not identify a bible with which to evangelize the world with. The problem is illustrated with four examples of modern bible corruption. The covenant avoids responsibility by not appointing, or even suggesting, a specific bible.

Reading the Lausanne Covenant of 1974 is puzzling. How on earth can men initiate a covenant with God in heaven? God initiated and made covenants with Noah, Abram, Abraham and Moses. Jesus initiated a bread and wine covenant with his disciples. It is unthinkable that any biblical Patriarch or prophet would, or could, initiate a covenant with God. Did the invisible God of Creation sit down with all the covenant members at Lausanne, Switzerland and sign the covenant agreement with invisible ink? The real hypocrisy is that members of the covenant, past and present, assume God's agreement, and then use the covenant as a tool to enforce conformity to non-biblical dogma. Arrogant men who claim to initiate a covenant with God are guilty of deception, and insult the intelligence of any God-fearing person who knows God in heaven is not subject to the will of humans.

"The Lausanne Covenant Hypocrisy" fully invalidates the Lausanne Covenant and the Lausanne Movement.

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