For 6000 years only half of the Bible has been available to humans

Doctrine of the Cross Doctrine of the Cross

The Bible instructs the reader in Isaiah 6:9-10 that one must both SEE and hear in order to both perceive and understand. Jesus said in Matthew 13:15-17 that one must both SEE and hear his parables in order to understand.

Science has proven that humans learn by both seeing and hearing. Although the text of the Bible can be heard when read, unfortunately there are no pictures in the Bible to help explain the text.

So where are the pictures?

When the Bible's long hidden main theme of the cross is illustrated with 250 pictures of scripture on the cross, a human can SEE the Word of God through the cross so that interpretation is not needed.

Are the pictures in the Doctrine of the Cross right for you? Try answering eleven picture-questions in this book's Chapter:


1 In God's Words on theTree of Life?

2 That supports Father, Son & Holy Spirit?

3 Of the Kingdom of Heaven Like Leaven?

4 Of Judgment for man's Body Soul Spirit?

5 In Jesus' Words three steps for Salvation?

6 That defines man's relationship to God?

7 That describes God's Purpose?

8 That describes the Fullness of God?

9 Of Jesus 77 Genealogy?

10 Of 7 bowls of the Wrath of God?

11 The Authority of the Cross?
     that finishes the Trinity Doctrine

When you realize what has been visible for 2000 years, that Jesus tried to tell us, then you will SEE what Jesus tried to show us on the cross.

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For 6000 years humans have ignored the holy numbers in the Bible. But God-breathered numbers in the Bible validate the message of the Doctrine of the Cross again and again and again.

There is no peace in the world in these end times. Witness the Wrath of God. Something is missing.

Could it be the fourfold God of Creation?

The reward is waiting.

Something is Missing
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Can you SEE God in Revelation 4:8?

God of the 4-way cross

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God, the Almighty, who was, and who is, and who is to come. (Rev 4:8, ASV).

Doctrine of the Cross
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